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About the Workshop

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Module 1: Introduction and Overviewwelcome graphic. text: Welcome to our Course! Are you ready to learn about online teaching? Let's get started!


Welcome to Introduction to Online Pedagogy

Online education is a field that continues to grow and develop as new advances in technology and teaching strategies change the way we think about the learning process. For those who have never taught an online course before, however, the task can seem daunting: how can we convert our curriculum to suit an online medium? How can we ensure that online students are learning without the benefits of face-to-face classrooms?


In this website we will explore methods and strategies that I hope will be useful to you as you get ready to develop online courses of your own. The on-demand nature of this resource will allow you to follow the information and exercises at your own pace--whether you prefer to work on it for a half an hour at a time, or breeze through every page in a day. A Certificate of Completion is available to participants who finish the workshop and participate in each exercise. (More about this option is on the next page.)


While you will be going through these pages independently, you are not alone! At any time, you will have the option to join asynchronous discussion forums for WISE educators, where you may discuss what you have learned with other online instructors, ask questions, post drafts of your course documents for peer review, or at the minimum take part in an online community of WISE scholars and teachers. You are encouraged to use these forums as a sounding board for your ideas when you are ready to start developing content for your own course. And of course, I am just an email or a call away.



This on-demand pedagogy website is a pilot format for the WISE Introduction to Online Pedagogy workshop. In the past, this workshop has been offered in two-week or three-week asynchronous online sessions in Moodle with optional synchronous lecture sessions. The purpose of the on-demand workshop is to make the learning experience available to individuals whose schedules prevent them from participating in a rigorous, time-sensitive course. At any time during your experience with these pages, you are invited and encouraged to send comments, feedback, and constructive criticism to Anne McKinney


About WISE Pedagogy

WISE Pedagogy is an initiative of the Web-based Information Science Education (WISE) Consortium to help faculty and doctoral students develop effective online teaching practices within the context of LIS education. Through online and face-to-face workshops and resources, WISE Pedagogy seeks to provide LIS instructors with information on successful strategies and guide them through the process of developing their own sound pedagogical practices.


You can find more information about the WISE Consortium here.


Self-Quiz: Is Online Teaching for Me?

If you have never taught an online course before, you may be wondering if this is something you seriously want to pursue. There are some important questions you need to ask yourself. To get the "gist" of what it entails, check out this brief self-evaluation quiz, Is Online Teaching for Me? hosted by OnlineLearning.net. This is not an in-depth analysis of everything you will need to know about teaching in this medium, but it can give you an idea of what to expect.


Text only translation of the graphic on this page

Welcome to our Course! Are you ready to learn about online teaching? Let's get started!



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