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Continuing Education in Distance Learning

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Module 7: Wrapping Up


As you are probably well aware, technology is constantly developing and changing--especially in the field of online education! A side effect of this constant change is that instructors will need to keep up with the changes to avoid getting left behind.


Here are some ways you can continue your education over time:


  • Tune in to new information on technology and pedagogical practices
  • Join distance learning organizations
  • Attend workshops and available learning opportunities
  • Be willing to incorporate new technologies into your courses
  • Work with instructional technology teams at your school



Exercising Your Knowledge

What's the latest pedagogical technique, software application, or gadget that you've heard of and/or introduced to your online classroom? Share the news in our New Tricks discussion forum! If online education is still very new to you, you can use this forum to read the suggestions and updates posted by others.


This discussion is not required for the Certificate of Completion, but an optional exercise. Consider this a venue to show & tell & learn what's new in online pedagogy and technology.


Photo on this page: Creative Commons licensed photo, Into the Sun, by James Jordan




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