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Final Reflection

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Reflecting on your teaching philosophy

Congratulations on reading through all of the content in our workshop! Hopefully you will join us in the WISE discussion forums to process the information on this site, share your own reflections and ideas, and participate in the Certification program.


The questions below are included to help you reflect about your relationship to teaching, and how you will implement effective pedagogical practices into the online courses you plan to teach. Meditating on these questions may also help you if you are preparing to apply and interview for an online faculty position. See the text box below for information about the final reflection exercise for the Certificate of Completion.


Questions for Your Consideration


  • How would you describe your online teaching philosophy? How would you define "good teaching"?


  • How would you describe your teaching experience? Can you give an example of a recent course development project or a course you have taught online?


  • What experience have you had with course management systems, internet browsers, web authoring software, MS Office products, or other educational technology applications?


  • What is an example of an interactive or collaborative activity you have created for your online classes?


  • Some instructors place a strong emphasis on discussions in their online classes. Do you agree or disagree?


  • How do you engage students in your course?


  • How would you approach students who stop participating in your course, or otherwise go "missing in action"??


  • In your opinion, how would you split your time as an online instructor, and into which areas?


  • What would you say are your greatest strengths as an instructor?


  • What would be your greatest weaknesses as an instructor?


  • How do you feel your instructional style would serve online LIS students?


  • What pedagogical development or professional development opportunities have you participated in recently?


  • What do you see as the future direction of online LIS education?




Exercising Your Knowledge

If you plan to apply for the Certificate of Completion for this workshop, the final exercise is to write a short analysis reflecting on your philosophy of online teaching. You may use any of the questions above for inspiration, though you are not expected to answer each question individually. Half a page to a page of reflection should be plenty.


When you are ready to apply for the certificate, compile all your exercises, forum posts, and relevant responses into a portfolio (zipped file, single file, or online portfolio). Then send the portfolio to Anne McKinney with a brief cover letter of application. Pending approval, your personalized certificate will be emailed back to you as a .pdf file attachment.


Thanks for participating in the WISE Introduction to Online Pedagogy workshop! Please select the link below to go on to our course evaluation survey.



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